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Walking to Japan

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Derek Youngs sought peace from his first breath.

Born in England during a World War II air raid, Youngs was thrown into the harsh reality of humanity’s dark side. His life would come to be defined by a search for the light: love, unity, compassion and equanimity.

Youngs took his first steps for peace in 1986, on the historic Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. He then continued walking, over 25,000 kilometres in 25 countries, sharing stories of love and learning, and becoming something of a reluctant guru. After his sudden death in 2011, Carolyn Affleck Youngs completed this collection of parables and humorous tales.

Derek Youngs touched hearts globally through the ripple effect of kindness as he literally walked this planet for peace for so many years. This speaks volumes to Youngs’ selfless way of living. True happiness comes when we have a purpose bigger than ourselves. I strongly urge others to read his book to clearly see, through his example, that we can all make a huge positive difference by simply living each moment with a peaceful heart.

— Brock Tully
International Inspirational speaker, Co-founder Kindness Foundation of Canada, Founder World Kindness Concert, Co-founder “Kindness Rocks” in schools to prevent bullying and author of 9 books including the Reflections series

I knew Derek Youngs for over three decades. He was a gifted storyteller whose words always touched my heart. Why? Because he was a deep listener to hear the truth of each human being. He was also a committed man whose mission of peace touched thousands. In this book, these two gifts converge. It is a gift to those of us who knew him.

— Tanis Helliwell M.Ed.
author of titles including Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose: The Essential Guide for Life and Work

The heartwarming story of Derek Youngs’ life leading up to a legacy for peace in the world is brilliantly co-authored by Carolyn Affleck with intensity, humour, and pure love.

— Sue Kenney
best-selling author of My Camino, and inventor of Barebottom Shoes

This beautiful story brought to life by the skill of Carolyn Affleck Youngs is a captivating blend of inspiration, education, compassion and hope. Totally engaging and skillfully sprinkled with important life lessons, I felt I was travelling and learning alongside Derek…every step of the way. It’s a must-read as it speaks to the inner traveler in us all.

— Joan Posivy
author of The Way Success Works:
How to Decide, Believe, & Begin to Live Your Best Life

Carolyn Affleck and Derek Walker Youngs

About the authors

Derek Walker Youngs (1940-2011)

Between 1986 and 2011, Derek Walker Youngs devoted much of his life to peace. Born in 1940 during a World War II air raid, his first steps for peace were taken on the Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament across the U.S.A. He went on to found the Peace Walker Society, and traversed more than 25,000 kilometres in 25 countries, each day walking in trust and faith, not knowing where he would sleep or find his next meal. He appeared as an international news item in print, radio and television media, and shared his stories of love and learning with people across the globe.

Carolyn Affleck Youngs

Carolyn Affleck Youngs is a photographer, walker, and grammar queen. Her pilgrimages include the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and the 88 Temples in Japan. She has walked all the city streets of Vancouver, Canada, and plans to walk across the country one day. Another day, she’ll walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End in Britain.

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