Today is another reminder of the importance of peace. During these times, we all know someone (or know someone that knows someone) who has lost a family member, lost a job, lost a home, lost faith, lost sanity…. And as we are having to face our worst nightmares (not just Covid, but wildfires, political upheaval, and other tragedies and atrocities) we are being divided, asked or ordered to physically distance ourselves from each other. I believe that what we actually need right now is uniting, but we can’t even disagree politely about how to act in the face of this pandemic. Let’s remember that although this virus is bringing out the worst of our fears, greed, apathy, and loneliness, stretching our limits of patience and tolerance and trust, it can also bring out the best in us—our altruism and ingenuity, as we find ways to serve each other’s needs, and connect “safely”.  We need each other. PEACE is about admitting our vulnerability, being willing to let go of our fear, and coming back into healthy relationship with each other and ourselves, even if all we can do right now is agree that we need to change. It’s a start.


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